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Protecting The Pets That Enrich Our Lives

At CulDog we have safety built into every product! 

What Is CulDog?

Get to Know Us

Our Mission is to create pet products with animal safety as our top priority. We want to raise awareness of animal safety and to vigorously advocate for the safety of all animals.

We are a woman owned and family operated business. Our pets are members of our family and we care for them beyond words.

Living in the Arizona Sonoran desert we know the climate is one of the hottest in the world, water is scarce, and the desert elements claim a victim in just hours. We have seen pets suffer from heat strokes, dogs burn their feet and pet accidents that could have been easily avoided. Knowing all of this as a pet owner, it makes you want to surround your pet with products that will protect them.

Join us in our journey to pet safety and more at CulDog!

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