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What is CulDog?

What is it?

CulDog is designed to keep your pets safe when out on walks! Unlike us, our furry friends don't wear shoes to protect their feet from the temperature of the ground. CulDog is made to keep you aware of whether the ground temperature is suitable for your pets to walk on!

CulDog is based in Arizona and we know all too well about the heat. In the desert climate, it is all too common to see pets with split pads, dehydration, or even suffering from Heat stroke. All because owners are unaware of how the heat affects their pets. Seeing all that only made us more determined to make something to protect our furry friends!

Why do we do it?

Who are we?

CulDog is a woman-owned and family-run business and we are proud to bring you products to take care of the pets you love.

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